naivasha relay

The Naivasha relay is an annual team event organized by the Nairobi Hash House Harriers every first weekend of October and it is the only time when hashers in Kenya get to compete in teams. The main objective is however to foster teamwork, organization, co-ordination and above everything else, maximize enjoyment through outdoor activities and group fun.

The first Naivasha relay took place on the 15th October 1988. This year 2022 is the 40th Edition of the relay which covers a total of 83 kilometres organised in seeded stages. Each participating team is required to have nine (9) seeded runners who are allocated a number of the stages in the manner shown on the running order form. Seeds are assigned based on the participant’s preference and ability. Seed 1 is the toughest seed, consisting of three stints of approximately 6.5 kilometres each whereas seed 9 is a 3 kilometre walker’s seed. The run starts on the Karen – Kikuyu road and the Bypass interchange and ends at the Narasha Gate of Hell’s Gate National Park.

The Naivasha relay is unique due to the utility of rough-terrain vehicles for team support and logistics. This route map provides instructions to team captains for participants as well as drivers of the support vehicles

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